Let’s learn Mandarin


Index of all Chinese Lessons

Lesson 1 through 6

Lesson Number 1 – Hello! How Are You?
This lesson covers the four Chinese tones and an introduction to greetings.
Lesson Number 2 – Are You Chinese?
Learn the plural form of he/she/it, tell someone your name and ask theirs in return, and tell someone your nationality.
Lesson Number 3 – What’s Your Name?
Learn to ask someone their name, use pronouns to show possession and use the “verb 不 verb” pattern to form questions.
Lesson Number 4 – Numbers and Counting
This lesson covers using measure words, numbers 1 through 5 and how to say you have, or don’t have, a certain number of something.
Lesson Number 5 – Numbers Continued: How Many?
In lesson 5 we will continue with counting numbers, learn to ask “how many?” and start to tell someone about your family.
Lesson Number 6 – Who’s Who in the Family
Learn to address and introduce your family in China. You’ll also learn to ask “Who?”.
Lesson 7 through 12

Lesson Number 7 – Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday
Start learning to put things in perspective of time and using a couple of new greetings.
Lesson Number 8 – Days of the Week
Learn to say the days of the week in Chinese and talk about time in the near future or recent past.
Lesson Number 9 – When and Where Do You Want to Go?
This Chinese lesson will enable you to say when you want to go or come, and ask someone the same. You will also learn to express the date.
Lesson Number 10 – Showing Ability
Time to learn some action verbs and tell everyone what you’re capable of. In Chinese of course…
Lesson Number 11 – Show Me the Money
Learn more about talking about money related matters. Asking how much does something cost and letting them know it’s too expensive are some of the topics covered in this lesson.
Lesson Number 12 – Where Can I Buy…?
Lesson 13 through 15

Lesson Number 13 – Coffee or Tea?
Lesson Number 14 – At the Market?
Lesson Number 15 – Let’s Eat!